About us


I grew up in a suburb to Stockholm with a Swedish dad and a Peruvian mom, which definitely affected how I approach things in life. There was an interesting mix of Swedish meatballs and Peruvian ceviche at our house. Skateboarding’s been the love of my life since forever and I discovered motorcycles through my dad’s old sailor pictures. For me motorcycles and skateboarding has a lot of similarities; the vibe, the creativity and the freedom.



A small towner and I started with skateboard in the late 80:s for the creativity and coolness this sport have. When I’m not working with Black Lanes I teach wood craft at a school. I have always love crafting and especially wood carving. This made me start to mix wood into our builds. 


Motorcycles and motor culture came into our lives when we realized that it shared many of the freedom aspects of skateboarding and it kind of becomes an extension to that love. We are both suckers for building, ridin bikes and rollin wood. We love the purity of mechanical solutions and the idea of removing everything but the most essential for a bike to run.


Our products

EarthPositive® apparel is made to demonstrate the highest  possible environmental, social and ethical standards, in one of the world’s most environmentally damaging industries, and to provide the music, fashion and promotional garment industries with an increasingly wide range of product that aspire to such high standards. 

 100% Organic
EarthPositive® is produced exclusively from organic Indian cotton, and the entire production process is controlled and certified in accordance with the latest version of G.O.T.S. The region in India where manufacturing takes place receives up to 95% of its water from the monsoon rainfall. This reduces the need for large scale irrigation normally associated with cotton farming.


Ethical Manufacture
The entire EarthPositive® production undergoes annual factory audits to comply with Fair Wear Foundation (FWF) code of labour practices, and that implements an 8 point Code of Conduct. 


90% Reduced Carbon Footprint
EarthPositive® is made in manufacturing facilities powered by green renewable energy, (wind and solar power) from low-impact raw materials.
The carbon footprint of EarthPositive® products has been reduced by some 90% and the calculations certified under the PAS2050 standard.